The Pdx1-Bound Swi/Snf Chromatin Remodeling Complex Regulates Pancreatic Progenitor Cell Proliferation and Mature Islet β-Cell Function

Spaeth JM, Liu JH, Peters D, Guo M, Osipovich AB, Mohammadi F, Roy N, Bhushan A. Magnuson MA, Hebrok M, Wright CVE, Stein R; Diabetes. 2019 Sep; 68(9):1806-1818. doi: 10.2337/db19-0349

In the September issue of Diabetes, Jason Spaeth and colleagues from Roland Stein’s lab at Vanderbilt present a series of elegant experiments that together dissect a complex molecular mechanism of transcription factor and coregulator recruitment. Using mouse models and a host of molecular assays, including RNA- and ChIP-seq, they illuminate the role of Pdx1:Swi/Snf complexes in pancreas organogenesis and β-cell maintenance. Their data suggest that transcriptional coregulator recruitment is crucial for the generation and activity of other islet cell types as well. These findings contribute to a broader understanding of the disease mechanism of type 2 diabetes in humans, in which a subset of β-cell quit making insulin, and pancreas volume is a major risk factor.

Genialis is thrilled to support the Stein lab’s data analysis through our cloud based software. We are true believers in the power of integrative ‘omics, especially the marriage of gene expression and chromatin profiling, to reveal fundamental mechanisms of developmental and disease biology.

Well done Jason, Roland et al. Keep up the great work!