What BioBash Workshops Are All About

Genialis shares our decades of combined bioinformatics expertise through BioBash workshops–intensive hands-on trainings where you actually do bioinformatics rather than just attend lectures and watch demonstrations. Designed by biologists for biologists, BioBash sessions are ideal for life scientists just starting to implement bioinformatics in their research, as well as those eager to upgrade their data analysis skills. Offering certificate training in Linux and Python, with an emphasis on NGS data, our workshops focus on putting your newly acquired skills immediately into practice.

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BioBash Essentials

Ideal for life scientists who are just starting out with bioinformatics. Includes Linux, NGS and Python basics. Suitable for complete beginners!

BioBash Python

Designed for bioinformaticians who are already working on data analysis and are eager to learn basic and not-so-basic Python skills.

Not Convinced Yet?

Here are the top reasons why our past participants have found our workshops enjoyable and useful.

1. Designed by biologists for biologists.
We’ve tackled the same challenges, and solved the same problems and frustrations your work presents. Take advantage of our many years of experience and learn the skills that you really need. Starting from scratch, we guide you through hands-on practice, addressing any questions that arise along the way.

2. Bioinformatics step-by-step.
We have worked doggedly to develop the most relevant and accessible workshop materials. No need to worry whether you can engage and keep up – navigate the coursework at your pace and get help when and where you need it.

3. Hands-on workshop
Learn bioinformatics by actually doing it – up to 80% of the workshop time is dedicated to problem solving that puts your new skills to the test. And makes them stick!

4. Professional execution
We teach the skills that are indispensable in our own bioinformatics research. With class size limited to 20 participants, we guarantee all the access you need to learn them too. And we are always here to help you after the workshop.

5. Competitive value
Our past participants agree that our workshops offer great value for the depth of analytics covered
in the course and individual attention participants get both during–and after– the program.

Reviews to read

Happy customers

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Customer Reviews

Discover what previous participants have to say about their experience with BioBash Workshops.


I learnt how to do “magic” things which I’ve thought only bioinformatics are able to do! The organizers explained complicated things for real beginners in a very simple and intelligible way! The atmosphere was amazing. We were discussing either main techniques of details and felt absolutely free to ask the questions, even stupid =)

Natalia Kraeva - PhD Student, Czech Republic


The BioBash workshop is a very good introduction to bioinformatics basics. The course suited a beginner like me perfectly and has given me a platform from which to develop my skills and begin to explore my sequence data with confidence. I would recommend it to researchers keen to perform their own basic data analysis but struggling to know where to start with Linux.

Daniel James Sargent, PhD - Principal Investigator, Italy


The organizers of BioBash set up an ambitious agenda for the three days beginners workshop, comprising Linux, working with NGS data and first steps in (Bio)Python. But it was no hollow promise, they exceeded my expectations! A very well structured workshop along with motivated instructors and a useful documentation.  I can only recommend it!

Gerald Siegwart, PhD - Post-doctoral Researcher, Austria


Very useful workshop, very well organized. Finally I had the opportunity to approach bioinformatics in a very easy but effective way. It provided me all the necessary basic information and instruments to start doing biological data analysis independently. Useful the opportunity to staying in touch with the instructors and/or partecipants to share experience.

Barbara Crestanello, PhD - Senior Researcher, Italy