Genialis Platform

Genialis Platform is an ideal software solution for divisions and departments, institutions and organizations. Like Genialis Expressions, the Platform will prove to be an indispensable part of your research arsenal. The Platform is designed to scale across many different work groups, even different locations, and to support a diversity of workflows.

Our institutional collaborators rely on Genialis Platform to meet their big data needs. In addition to all the user benefits of Genialis Expressions, the Platform allows for a wider selection and ongoing addition of our great features. These include:


Visual analytics workflows.
A variety of workflows may be configured to meet the needs of diverse research areas. Gain early access to newly developed modules. Innovate with tools to support cutting edge multi-omics and sequencing library methods.


Third party integrations and extensions.
Connect your favorite tools through our Platform. Get greater value from other software licenses, and more utility out of public domain software.


Connectivity and collaboration.
Maximize your institution’s ability to share resources and expertise. Enhance the visibility of your research program to solidify your institute’s reputation as a leader in the field.


Data Security.
State of the art data security, backup and retrieval plans. Guarantee compliance and sleep well at night.

Genialis Platform provides reliable and efficient data management, robust and reproducible pipelines,
intuitive yet powerful visual analytics, and seamless sharing of data and results.

Genialis Platform can be deployed locally or on the cloud.

Learn more ways your research benefits from Genialis Platform.


Connect within and between labs like never before. Social and collaboration features create a unique and personalized user experience.


Find and organize your data with our powerful search engine. Filter results and save samples for downstream analysis. Inspect the annotations and complete analysis history of any sample at any time.


Examine results across multiple experiments to gain deeper insights. Results and data selections propagate between modules and tabs for a truly interactive experience.


Is time a critical dimension in your research? Time course analysis is just one of many seamless integrated workflows.

Together we can tackle your institute’s data challenges of today and tomorrow.