Genialis aims to empower life scientists to engage with their data and do science in a more efficient, reproducible and collaborative way. We build tools that enable interactive exploration and interpretation of genomic data. Join our ambitious team and help shape the way researchers interact with their data! We have offices in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Boston (Massachusetts), and Houston (Texas).

Scientific Sales Development Representative

Genialis is developing a novel cloud-based platform that simplifies the analysis, visualization, and management of multi-omics data. Our goal? To help R&D scientists develop the next generation of bioengineered therapies and materials.

As our Sales Development Representative (SDR), you’ll be responsible for delivering the research and sales opportunities our account executives need to acquire new customers and drive revenue growth.

Position can be based in Boston, MA; Houston, TX; New York, NY. Remote OK, based anywhere in the USA

Why you should join:

  • You’ll receive professional SDR training and resources (funded by us) upon joining to accelerate your path to success
  • After nine months of high-level performance as an SDR, we’ll support your transition into an account executive role, including your participation in a professional sales “closer” training course (paid for by us, of course) and providing three months of on-the-job training

What you’ll be doing:

  • Researching commercial biopharma and biotech organizations to identify prospective customers that are most likely to understand and receive the greatest benefit from our products & services
  • Personalizing messages and performing high volumes of outreach (by email/phone) to engage and set sales meetings with prospective customers
  • Maintaining strict reports of your sales activities to baseline and optimize our processes
  • Using the knowledge you acquire during customer conversations to fine tune our messaging

Cover letter:

Instead of the typical cover letter, we’d like you to answer each of the following questions. Only applications with completed cover letters will be considered.

  1. As an SDR, you’ll do outreach to people with whom you’ve had no prior relationship. If you cold called 100 people in a row and didn’t receive a positive response from any of them, how would you feel, and what would you do to improve your success rate?
  2. What are your long-term career aspirations?
  3. How would you describe your perfect work environment?


  • Advanced degree in molecular biology, genetics, or bioinformatics (PhD preferred), with post-grad laboratory experience
  • Resilience, persistence, and the ability to not be discouraged by rejection (being an SDR is hard)
  • Strong written and verbal English communication skills
  • Proven ability to proactively engage with and quickly establish rapport with people, ask thoughtful questions, and influence decisions
  • Ability to create and execute repeatable, scalable processes
  • High level of critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and organizational skills
  • Self-motivation with the ability to take both direction and initiative
  • Desire to invest in professional development and personal self-improvement
  • Ability to navigate the natural turbulence and limited initial infrastructure of an early-stage startup


  • Competitive base salary
  • Dental, vision, and life insurance
  • Paid vacation and sick leave
  • Stock options

Frontend Developer

Would you like to work on EU research project that makes a real difference in the world?

Does it make your heart sing when you hear about genetic modifications, cell factories, biomedicine, next level of beer brewing, mathematical and computational models for computer-aided design of biology?

Do you fancy working with technologies like Angular, Typescript, Python 3 in the backend, Neo4j, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Docker, and core scientific libraries?

Do you enjoy working with bright and friendly co-workers who appreciate your special sense of humor?

The project develops an open-source web platform for designing genetically modified organisms (called strains) for use in biotech. Strains are used in cell factories to produce all kinds of molecules, including plastic monomers, medicine (insulin is produced like this since the ‘70s), and food ingredients.

Please apply via

Ljubljana, Slovenia or remote


  • Develop new features and interfaces of the next generation metabolic modeling software
  • Collaborate with project partners, infrequent travel for reporting and collaboration
  • Learn about biological concepts, invent novel ways of handling genes and biochemical reactions (deep understanding of biology is not a requirement though, the developers learn the necessary knowledge after joining the team)
  • Participate in regular Scrum meetings


  • A degree in Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Data Science or a related field, or equivalent work experience
  • Fluent in written and spoken English is essential
  • Extensive experience with Angular, AngularJS or another modern JavaScript framework
  • Experience with Docker and orchestration tools (Kubernetes etc.)
  • Experience with Agile development (Scrum etc.)
  • Experience with Git version control

What we offer?

  • A great team to work with—close-knit, supportive, brilliant and diverse in interests (software engineers, bioinformaticians, computational biologists)
  • Top notch academic partners: DTU is one of the leading research institutions in Europe
  • Engaging work environment with tremendous room for professional growth
  • Competitive salary despite the academic nature of the project: 24,000 to 60,000 EUR/year (depends on experience)
  • Excellent hardware of your own choice
  • Ability to work from home/remotely, flexible work hours
  • Fully stocked office kitchen with a top notch espresso machine, fresh fruit, yoghurts and all kinds of snacks
  • Free parking

DevOps Engineer

    • Are you looking to join a young and exciting startup that is making a real difference in the world?
    • Do you fancy working with leading open source infrastructure technologies like Docker, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, nginx, Django, Ansible, Jenkins?
    • Does it make your heart sing when you see dozens of instances being automatically provisioned, configured and monitored in the cloud?
    • Wouldn’t it be nice to leave behind the bureaucracy and management overhead of your previous job?
    • Do you enjoy working with bright and friendly co-workers who appreciate your special sense of humor?

Ljubljana, Slovenia


    • Administer our local and clients’ on-premise infrastructure
    • Write software to provision, configure, update and monitor servers
    • Manage automatic testing of all our software packages
    • Troubleshooting infrastructure challenges


  • Expert knowledge of Linux systems ranging from kernel, storage and networking to virtualization and containers
  • Experience with automatic provisioning and configuration using Ansible
  • Experience with Docker, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, nginx
  • Experience with testing software using Jenkins and Travis CI
  • Ability to work autonomously

Bonus points:

  • Experience with using and running things on AWS
  • Experience with packaging Python software
  • Experience with administration of RHEL/CentOS servers


    • A nurturing environment where people are given room to learn and innovate
    • A great team to work—close-knit, supportive, brilliant and diverse in interests
    • International workforce (Ljubljana, Houston, Boston) and client base
    • Engaging work environment with tremendous room for professional growth
    • Encouragement to contribute to open source projects
    • Competitive salary: 24,000 to 60,000 EUR/year (depends on experience)
    • Relocation to Ljubljana, Slovenia
    • Stock options
    • Excellent hardware of your own choice
    • Ability to work from home/remotely, flexible work hours
    • Fully stocked office kitchen with a top notch espresso machine, fresh fruit, yoghurts and all kinds of snacks
    • Free parking

Apply here.