See Our Product in Action!


Meet Olivia, a graduate student who works with biological data on a daily basis.
In the following series of videos we will show you how she uses our application to manage her data, moving swiftly from analysis to insight and discovery.


The first video demonstrates how Olivia annotates her raw data, which uploads automatically from the sequencer.


Olivia uses our powerful search engine to identify all the samples she wishes to analyze.


The Visualizations suite is designed to drive discovery by anticipating user questions and providing insights in context. Olivia uses the intuitive modules to perform sophisticated downstream analysis, such as differential expressions.


Genialis Expressions includes a visual analytics view for comparing gene sets, which might include lists of biomarkers, differential expressions results, or a subset of your favorite regulatory pathway.


For advanced users, Genialis Expressions offers the Bioinformatics Dashboard, a Graphic User Interface for managing data and permissions, and for defining and executing new analyses.

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