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Genialis builds the most intuitive data analysis software for life scientists.


Our goal is to empower biologists to explore their own data—to unleash their creativity in search of patterns, to generate hypotheses and test new ideas as they arise. We design visual workflows that anticipate questions and guide interpretation, from QA/QC to novel biomarker discovery, and everything in between.

We also provide data experts a powerful yet flexible approach to automating routine analyses. Rather than becoming rote service providers, bioinformaticians can ensure rigor and reproducibility for their labmates and collaborators, while focusing on more complex analyses worthy of their scientific acumen.

Our cloud software is an indispensable tool for your research, used daily for diving into data and contextualizing results.

Our software comes in two flavors

Institutions, departments and distributed groups are best served by Genialis Platform, a complete data ecosystem. The Platform includes a comprehensive collection of visual analytics and bioinformatics tools, third party integrations, and enterprise level security and deployment.

For individuals, labs or working groups, we offer tailored applications with all the muscle and interactivity of the Platform, but laser focused on your NGS workflow and data challenges.

The enterprise Platform and cloud applications are powered by the same core technology and share many features and functions. Both boast our open source Resolwe dataflow engine, and Genialis’ Real Time Interactive Visualizations to facilitate exploration and discovery.

Genialis software adds value for all stakeholders.
Here are just a few of the countless features and functionalities our research partners love:


Life Scientists:

  • Unprecedented access to data. Gone are the days of an excel spreadsheet as your only way to engage with your results. Instead, unleash your creativity with interactive and interconnected visual analytics modules. Ask questions and test hypotheses on the fly. Achieve greater insight and more discoveries, faster.
  • First in class user experience. Each workflow is configured with your data problem in mind. Let your intuition guide you through the analysis, where we place results in context and provide explanations to help with interpretation.
  • Presentation-ready graphics. Every figure and table can be exported, along with the underlying data sheet. Lab meetings, posters and publications have never been so easy to prepare.


Data Gurus:

  • Preinstalled tools and validated pipelines. Our open-source bioinformatics library comes equipped with hundreds of tried and true bioinformatics tools. We manage all the dependencies and version control for you. Connect the dots using the bioinformatics dashboard, simple enough for a biologist to use, with the power to construct rigorous pipelines.
  • Complete programmatic access. Interact with your data, manage permissions and users, and even write, wrap and execute pipelines from the programming environment you like best. With Python and R SDKs, full control is at your fingertips.
  • Automatable pipelines. Validated the best pipeline for your collaborator’s experiment? Set it to run automatically on new data and subsequent replicates. No more whiny emails wondering why you have yet to re-map the data, again, for the n-th time.


Principal Investigators and Group Leaders:

  • Foster collaboration. You and your team can share data and results with a single mouse click. Reflect on analyses across multiple projects, and work together to paint a more complete picture of your research problem.
  • Secure your legacy (data). Store all your data in one place. Benchmark discoveries against previous results. Keep track of your data, even after that one student graduates and wipes his thumb drive.
  • Public and consortium data. Onboard data from public databases and research consortia. Explore these on their own, or bring your own research into the mix.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Discover lots of other ways Genialis adds value to your research.