Technology & Enabled Services

Genialis’ goal is to make your discovery and development programs a success, to help illuminate new ways to target disease and how your drugs help patients. We achieve this aim by applying cutting edge technologies along the entire road from data management to AI modeling, and everything in between. Great data science requires two things — uncompromising attention to quality and detail, and exceptional multidisciplinary teams. That’s us. Your partners in discovery.

Foundational Technologies

The Software Backbone
We use Genialis Expressions software as the foundational technology to aggregate, curate & analyze NGS data and associated clinical and experimental results. The software ensures:
  • Centralized data management with powerful curation tools and elastic search engine
  • Transparent data provenance where every processing step is recorded for reproducibility & reporting
  • Automation of analyses for efficient, scalable & error free bioinformatics
  • Clarity of communication with and among stakeholders through pre-configured & custom visualization modules
AI and Machine Learning
Sometimes it takes a machine to help human experts find the answers they are looking for. Genialis applies various AI-powered methods for data integration and interrogation. Here are just a couple of our favorites:
  • Graph Networks
    GCNs and GNNs are an ascendant technique for performing non-linear deep learning on complex admixtures of data. Models learn from a wide array of public and proprietary knowledge sources. (E.g. Zitnik & Leskovec 2018).
  • Data Fusion by Matrix Factorization
    A linear approach to merging and modeling diverse inputs, this method yields accurate yet plainly interpretable predictions. (E.g., Zitnik & Zupan 2016).

Platform Enabled Services

Data Curation

Well curated data is the key to any rigorous analysis. Let us do the hard work to aggregate, clean, and harmonize model-ready datasets. We source these from your proprietary experiments, public repositories and trusted knowledge bases.


We are experts at NGS, from variant panels to bulk RNA, single cells to ChIP, ATAC to CLIP. We have a vast armament of tools from which to develop the optimal workflow for your data. Every pipeline is tested, benchmarked and automated for scale.

Stats & QC

How do you know if what you see is real? We monitor and correct for batch effects, apply appropriate normalizations, run sanity checks and determine statistical confidence. We can also help design your study, to get it right from the start.

Predictive Modeling

Data can help us understand what has already happened, and to see into the future. Our multidisciplinary team includes data scientists and AI experts versed in developing predictable models of drug and disease biology.