Biomarker discovery platform will incorporate pan-cancer tumor microenvironment classifier to investigate potentially hundreds of new use cases for personalized therapeutic selection


Genialis, a leader in applied data science for the development of precision medicines, today announced it will leverage its proprietary ResponderID AI platform technology to provide retrospective analysis to customers and collaborators to help classify patients for targeted therapy using the OncXerna Xerna™ TME Panel, an RNA-based pan-tumor biomarker shown to be predictive of responses to multiple immune-targeted cancer therapies.


Targeted therapies today provide benefit only to a fraction of the patients for a given disease indication because current laboratory models do not faithfully represent patient biology. ResponderID starts at the end—with the patients. The platform’s computational models of disease biology embrace the complexity that defines each patient. The TME Panel measures approximately 100 genes by RNA sequencing and applies machine learning to decipher the therapeutically relevant patterns in those data. The TME Panel can enrich patient response to different classes of therapy (e.g. immune checkpoint inhibitors and anti-angiogenics) in several cancer types, including gastric and ovarian.


Read the press release in its entirety here.

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