Genialis™ krasID

First-in-class patient classifier predicts response and stratifies clinical benefit of KRAS inhibition

Genialis krasID is designed to predict and monitor drug response from the simplest preclinical models to intent-to-treat real world patient cohorts

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Make the best informed translational and clinical decisions for your drug program

Genialis krasID covers the entire lifecycle of drug development
  • Genialis krasID covers the entire lifecycle of drug development to:

    • Enhance translational package and differentiate against competing KRASi
    • Inform indication prioritization
    • Identify patients most likely to respond to KRASi with >80% accuracy
    • Monitor response to and optimize time on therapy over 2.5x
  • The biomarker demonstrates >94% accuracy across various KRAS inhibitors in preclinical models

  • Gain the advantage over the competition for trial enrollment and market share with Genialis krasID

Genialis™ krasID predicts clinical benefit consistent with real world & clinical findings

  • Real World Data
    Patients stratified as krasID-HIGH vs. krasID-LOW demonstrate dramatically different time on treatment

  • Clinical Trial
    Cohort characteristics and response results align closely with CodeBreaK100/200 clinical trial observations, demonstrating accuracy in forecasting outcomes in clinical trial settings.

  • Time on Treatment
    krasID-High patients stayed on sotorasib nearly 50% longer than G12C-selected patients and 2.5x longer than krasID-LOW patients

Genialis krasID KM plot

KM plot of predicted benefit to sotorasib in a NSCLC RWE cohort

Genialis™ krasID outperforms current Standard of Care Biomarkers, which are limited to mutational status

Historical Approach

  • Limited to presence or absence of DNA mutation

  • Perhaps necessary, but utterly insufficient to predict efficacy (mutation selected ORR ~ 30-40%)

  • Cannot inform time on treatment or combination strategies

Genialis™ krasID Advantage

  • Integrates signal from KRAS biology with surrounding tumor milieu using RNA-seq & ML

  • Predicts response with >94% accuracy in preclinical models and >80% accuracy in real world patients

  • Stratifies patients based on time on treatment/survival

  • Reads out actionable changes to other therapeutically relevant biologies

The current KRASi development landscape is crowded; Next-generation biomarkers will provide differentiation

Two drugs currently on market

FDA approved KRAS G12C Inhibitors

Competition to get to market

>50 companies competing across ~7 different solid tumor indications 2

Competition to get to market, >50 companies competing across ~7 different solid tumor indications

1 Tian H, Yang Z, He J. Adagrasib: A landmark in the KRASG12C-mutated NSCLC. MedComm (2020). 2022 Nov 25;3(4):e190. doi: 10.1002/mco2.190. PMID: 36448054; PMCID: PMC9697582.
2 Biocentury Inc. “KRAS Pipeline” (2024)

More than 50 companies are competing to bring KRAS drugs to market, with the ‘best-in-class’ distinction yet to be claimed.

Gain the edge for clinical trial success and market share by stratifying your patient population with 80% predictability.

We welcome you to explore & evaluate Genialis™ krasID. Schedule a free consultation with our experts to begin!