Join us and help shape the future of biomedical research

Our mission is to deliver benefit and hope to patients and their families.
Our method is to leverage biomedical data and advanced analytics to help pharma companies develop more effective drugs with higher probability of clinical success, and diagnostics companies to deploy tests that lead to better treatment decisions.

Current openings:

Sorry, no job openings at the moment

However, we’re always keen to connect with talented individuals. Feel free to send us your CV and a little bit about yourself to We’ll make sure to keep your details on file for future opportunities!

As a reflection of our values, we constantly strive to create an ideal working environment for all employees

At Genialis, we share a common vision and we know that we will only realize our goal if we trust, respect, and listen to each other. Because we value People First, Ownership, Constructiveness and Honesty, we give our team members the freedom to organize their work and decide where they want to work from, and when they want to work. We take on big challenges, and we address them with the belief that together, we can make meaningful contributions to the development of precision medicine in oncology.

Our values

Genialis values icon - people first

People first

Prioritize balance and well being

We believe the path to success is an environment that promotes balance and well-being. Success without contentment is not success at all. Thus we encourage one another to seek balance in our lives, and to be present where we are.

Genialis values icon - ownership


Be an owner

We are all owners of Genialis. Collectively we own our success. Individually we own our piece of the puzzle—empowered to make choices, expected to become the expert of our domain, and with the freedom and support to take the initiative.

Genialis values icon - constructiveness


Seek solutions and offer help where welcome

When faced with a decision, challenge or stumbling block, we seek solutions. We take time to reflect, to understand the bigger picture and root causes, to embrace and learn from our mistakes, and to find the best path forward.

Genialis values icon - honesty


Be truthful always

At the core of our success is mutual trust. The way we earn trust is by always telling the truth, even when it’s hard; and by working openly and with context in the spirit of complete transparency.

Why Genialis

Being a student I was naturally drawn to the challenges at Genialis, but there is much so more. Collaborating with a team of skilled and reliable people opens up the opportunity to learn and grow while also contributing to the future of biomedicine. Doing all of that on a flexible schedule gives me the freedom to pursue other passions as well.

Genialis team member Anže LovšeAnže Lovše, Bioinformatician

Three things that are most important to me as a developer: interesting problems, cool work culture and high quality codebase. At Genialis I have all of that.

Jure Zmrzlikar informal photoJure Zmrzlikar, Senior Bioinformatician

An opportunity to work in a uniquely positioned start-up company is one well worth experiencing. Having the freedom to choose the tasks to work on based on personal interests and level of expertise opens doors to create a meaningful impact in the society, brings a sense of fulfillment, and helps maintain a lively atmosphere in the company. Using state-of-the-art workflows in development and following core company values makes quality of deliverables much easier to achieve. Lastly, work-life balance makes the job easily sustainable and enjoyable and that’s why I like working at Genialis.

Matjaž Žganec informal photoMatjaž Žganec, Senior Data Scientist

As a mom I highly value flexibility in my job. Team managers at Genialis push beyond their limits to organize assignments and tasks in a way that works for all of us and produces the best results. It is not easy to run a company with remote employees that all feel connected and form a meaningful community but we all sure do try hard. No matter if I work from home or come to the office, I’m always surrounded by people who care. Great coffee, quirky humor and the most incredible lunch break conversations are just an additional perk.

Eva Zupan Horaček informal photoEva Zupan Horacek, Head of Visual Communications

We honestly care about the team and try to support them in their growth, in finding their passion, and in empowering them to become their best selves. We respect them as individuals, we recognize they have a life outside of work, and encourage them to live fully. All roles are treated with equal respect and everyone’s contribution is valued and appreciated. The biggest differentiator for me is how the team responds to hardships, how everyone is sticking together through the hard times, how people volunteer to do things outside of their work scope, because they want to help and contribute as best as they can. It’s the fact that everything becomes easier to bear as soon as we get to spend some time together as a team. It’s how this motivates us to do more and achieve more and isn’t seen as an obligation or a work task. It’s how we laugh together, and how we fight together and how we never give up.

Tjaša Krisper Kutin informal pictureTjaša Krisper Kutin, COO