Help us change the world for the better

Do you want to work on stuff that matters? Our software products empower life scientists to follow their curiosity while navigating terabytes of data. Our research projects deliver diagnostic tools for personalised medical treatments and establishment of novel drugs. We are an international team of scientists and engineers. Join us and help shape the future of biomedical research!

Current openings:

Sorry, no job openings at the moment

How we work

We constantly strive to create an ideal working environment for all employees, which truly reflects our values. We dare to dream big and we know that we will only achieve that if we trust, respect and listen to each other. We give our team members plenty of freedom in how they organize their work, where they want to work from and when. We look at the challenges with a positive attitude and look after the happiness of all of us. We work with constructive and open heads, we communicate clearly, help each other, and are grateful for the contribution of all team members.

Why Genialis

An opportunity to work in a uniquely positioned start-up company is one well worth experiencing. Having the freedom to choose the tasks to work on based on personal interests and level of expertise opens doors to create a meaningful impact in the society, brings a sense of fulfillment, and helps maintain a lively atmosphere in the company. Using state-of-the-art workflows in development and following core company values makes quality of deliverables much easier to achieve. Lastly, work-life balance makes the job easily sustainable and enjoyable and that's why I like working at Genialis.

Matjaž Žganec


As a mom I highly value flexibility in my job. Team managers at Genialis push beyond their limits to organize assignments and tasks in a way that works for all of us and produces the best results. It is not easy to run a company with remote employees that all feel connected and form a meaningful community but we all sure do try hard. No matter if I work from home or come to the office, I'm always surrounded by people who care. Great coffee, quirky humor and the most incredible lunch break conversations are just an additional perk.

Eva Zupan Horaček


Being a student I was naturally drawn to the challenges at Genialis, but there is much so more.
Collaborating with a team of skilled and reliable people opens up the opportunity to learn and grow while also contributing to the future of biomedicine. Doing all of that on a flexible schedule gives me the freedom to pursue other passions as well.

Anže Lovše


Three things that are most important to me as a developer: interesting problems, cool work culture and high quality codebase. At Genialis I have all of that.

Jure Zmrzlikar


Work where you want, when you want
Contribute to our high quality codebase
Enjoy our professional-grade espresso
Maintain a true work-life balance
Use state-of-the-art workflows in development

Our recruitment process

Transparency is one of our core values, and it starts right at the beginning of your journey with us. We want you to know what to expect from when you first apply. This is what your recruitment process will look like after you hand in your application:
1 - Cup of Coffee

Meet with us shortly over a cup of coffee for a brief introduction.

2 - Work example or task

Do you have relevant examples of your work you can share with us to review? Great! If not, we’ll ask you to complete a work example task to show off your skills.

3 - Technical interview

Talk to the lead of the team you’d join about your experience so far, the technologies you prefer, the way you organize your work and learn how we do things at Genialis.

4 - Team interview

Talk to a selection of relevant team members – from leadership, people ops, the team you’ll join or from the team you’d be working with closely. Don’t worry, the talks will be back to back, so you can do them all at once.

5 - Offer

From Junior to Expert, our seniority levels are clearly defined. We’ll talk about where you fit best, what the salary for that level is, what bonuses you can expect on top of that and how you can progress once you join.