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Genialis is the RNA biomarker company putting people first to develop more effective drugs, and to allow us to make more targeted treatment decisions for better outcomes.
People First embodies our commitment to personalizing medicine for the benefit of patients by modeling fundamental biology through the use of human data. It is also Genialis’ principal core value, the north star of how we build our team and orchestrate our work lives.
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Genialis ResponderID™ is a biomarker discovery framework that employs a people-first framework to model underlying disease biology. The framework marries this novel approach to biomarker conceptualization with proprietary technology, validated signatures and human data. The result is biomarkers that work in real patient populations and scale across clinical settings.
ResponderID is uniquely capable of developing biomarkers for investigational drugs by modeling disease biology rather than relying on treatment response. Adhering to the FDA’s Good Machine Learning Practice guidelines and numerous international standards, our biomarkers are built to work for patients. These “just in time” biomarkers are especially well suited for helping new therapies reach the right patients who need them most.

Putting people first, Genialis provides a comprehensive picture of each patient’s disease. Genialis biomarkers not only stratify which patients are likely to respond to a particular drug but illuminate why a patient may or may not respond.

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