Genialis empowers biologists to dive into their data and liberates bioinformaticians to focus on complex analyses. We meet this goal by developing web-based software that automates data management and analysis tasks, and yields an intuitive and interactive work environment for exploring and sharing the results.

Our software solves the problems of:


Storing data for the greatest transparency, compliance and ease of tracking


Automating analyses to achieve peak reproducibility.


Enabling non-computational experts access to sophisticated downstream analyses.


Sharing data and results conveniently and securely.


At Genialis, we are always excited to tackle new challenges with our research partners. Please let us know if you see an opportunity to work together, either on an existing project or to submit a proposal for future collaboration. In the past we have helped numerous group leaders and PIs solve their data management and analysis needs, and even land that big new grant.

See what our collaborators have to say:

Amanda Nicole Webb, PhD candidate – Biologist

As a wet-lab biologist, I historically relied heavily on bioinformaticians to analyze my data and was often left in the dark until the final product arose. Through the Genialis Platform, however, I have been able to explore my own data and test new hypotheses much more quickly and independently. The range of visualizations is quite comprehensive and always growing, and the real-time interactivity is truly remarkable.

Gad Shaulsky, PhD – Principal investigator

Genialis Platform is fast, easy to use, intuitive, sophisticated and creates a great user experience. Adding new data via the Genialis Platform is much faster and easier than our previous workflow, and sharing new data as soon as they are published is a very significant improvement. Moreover, my laboratory members can now collaborate more easily, viewing and analysing each other’s privately shared data—we have already made significant discoveries using this feature.



Photo credit © Christian Sardet, Plankton Chronicles