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Biomarker Discovery for Clinical Development

Enable Cdx development to increase the chance of clinical and commercial success. We construct clinically actionable signatures ready for lab validation.
  • Identify molecular surrogates from accessible tissue for hard to measure phenotypes
  • Develop predictive models robust to data platform and across patient populations
  • Take advantage of flexible regulatory frameworks to optimize for trial success
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Design and implement a precision medicine strategy. We stratify patient cohorts by molecular subtype or response profile to guide enriched trial design.
  • Develop novel machine learning models based on integrative analysis of RNA and other patient data 
  • Evaluate and extend published models to your drug-specific datasets
  • Leverage large public compendia (e.g. TCGA, CCLE) to inform your clinical strategy
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Translate the biology of drug response. We interrogate first-in-human and experimental data to help decipher and predict effects in real patients.
  • Examine gene pathways and networks that respond to treatment
  • Evaluate and reformulate hypotheses regarding mechanism of action
  • Plan the next set of clinical measurements based on rigorous data analysis
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Genialis discovers and validates biomarkers to find new ways to treat diseases of unmet need.

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