We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific connecting their new Collibri RNA sequencing kits with Genialis Expressions software. Over the years, Genialis has helped biopharma, translational labs, and high throughput core facilities tackle various challenges in their NGS workflows. Our bread and butter has always been around gene expression analysis from RNA sequencing data. This experience, regardless of the application area, has taught us a thing or two about the tight relationship between quality data and quality outcomes.

As we’ve discussed on this page before, a focus on rigorous experimental design and careful data generation is essential. Our analytics tools, software, and advanced modeling algorithms cannot paper over a poorly designed study or inexpertly prepared sequencing libraries. It’s partly because of our focus on data quality this collaboration is so exciting.

The combined solution empowers research scientists to conduct high throughput experiments with confidence, and ensures quality at scale—whether your focus is foundational research or clinical biomarkers, or any of the myriad opportunities for discovery in between.

See the GenomeWeb article here.

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