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Genialis Expressions

Genialis Expressions software enables machine-learning driven biomarker discovery by aggregating consistently analyzed and annotated data.

It is built on FAIR data management principles, streamlined for reproducible, scalable, and secure analyses of sequencing data across numerous NGS platforms. From raw to processed data, its validated bioinformatics protocol corrects bias, while its data flywheel technology aggregates data in a ML-ready state. Results are interpreted through code-free, pre-configured visualization modules.

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Contact us to learn more about how Genialis Expressions and ResponderID work together to maximize the utility of in-human and experimental data.

Genialis Expressions Our cloud, or yours blue icon

Our cloud, or yours

It is HIPAA and GDPR compliant and adheres to critical cybersecurity standards (OWASP ASVS v4.0.2, CIS Amazon Web Services Benchmarks, NIST CSF v1.1). Our AWS-certified professionals can also deploy Expressions in your private cloud, enforcing IT and cybersecurity standards while optimizing infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Genialis Expressions Analyze multi-omics NGS data blue icon

Analyze multi-omics NGS data

It supports the analysis of high throughput genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenomic sequencing data to accelerate your drug discovery efforts. Confidently and consistently analyze data using standardized annotation nomenclature together with validated informatics pipelines, built-in normalization and QC/QA workflows, and proprietary methods of detecting and removing systematic bias in your data.

Genialis Expressions Scalable infrastructure at your fingertips blue icon

Scalable infrastructure at your fingertips

It automatically runs an instantaneous, scalable microservices infrastructure, and is accessible via a graphical user interface or Python-based API. Custom code can be packaged into private repositories and made available for designated users.

Genialis Expressions is the backbone for ResponderID blue icon

Genialis Expressions is the backbone for ResponderID

Genialis Expressions powers ResponderID. Our team is dedicated to building better biomarkers, which starts with rigorous data management software that enables cutting edge machine learning for applications in drug discovery and development.