ResponderID is a scalable platform for the computational modeling of disease, where biology and data science converge. It delivers actionable biomarkers for use in translational research, clinical trials, and diagnostic devices.
Biomarker Conceptualization

People First Approach

Hallmark biologies of disease
Treatment response independent
Focus on human data

Clinical feasibility

Most informative data types
Dataset accessibility
Assay translatability

Project management

Transparency and communication
Program risk management
Certification and standards compliance

Product management

Agile development
Time- and budget-aware roadmap
Security, quality, privacy

Technologies and Assets

Genialis Expressions™

Secure data repository
Bioinformatic analysis
Data exploration

ResponderAI framework

Data flywheel for AI/ML
Bias adjustment system of preprocessors
Good machine learning practice

Signatures and algorithms

Models of disease
Model versioning and deployment
Model API

Data catalog

Harmonised public and proprietary data
Multimodal knowledge graph

Expert Services

Bioinformatics and data science

Research and prototyping
Verification and validation studies
Algorithm development

Data acquisition

Data engineering

Managed cloud

AWS implementation
Cost optimization
Maintenance and support

Strategic consulting

Translational research
Regulatory & compliance

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Biomarkers for every segment of
the life science industry

Pharmaceutical development

Genialis ResponderID™ drives collaborations for:

Therapeutic selection:
Identify patients with higher chance to respond to treatment

  • Improve likelihood of achieving clinical endpoints and maximize clinical development program ROI
  • Increase speed to successful trial conclusion (minimize late-stage failures) and reach commercialization/patient care faster

Indication expansion:
Prioritize additional therapeutic opportunities based on potentially responsive patient populations

  • Expand market potential for drug
  • Improve outcomes for more patients


Diagnostic test development

Genialis ResponderID™ powers programs to:

Build prognostic or predictive testing

  • Expand product line to cover more therapeutic settings and reach more patients
  • Differentiate test offerings from other providers using machine learning

Create “flywheel” data products that compound in value

  • Leverage new and existing data to attract more pharmaceutical business and energize novel business models
  • Identify signatures that support translational research, clinical trials & companion diagnostic development


Clinical & academic data partnership

Genialis ResponderID™ inspires partnerships that allow you to:

Translate your data resources into meaningful outcomes

  • Forge collaboration between clinical and translational R&D within your organization
  • Impact patient lives through diagnostic and therapeutic product discovery

Advance your organization’s mandate through flexible business models

  • Attract biotech partners for sponsored research and licensing opportunities
  • Publish high impact clinical research to disseminate knowledge and drive future grant funding


"We are so focused on getting the science right, because when we do, it changes lives."

Miha Štajdohar, PhD

CTO and Co-founder of Genialis