Bridging the biomarker chasm from discovery to the clinic

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Biomarkers improve response rates

In both real world and clinical trial settings, a greater proportion of patients
benefit when selected by biomarkers

Immune checkpoint inhibitor response rate1:

Without biomarker patient selection

With biomarker patient selection

Progression of drug to next clinical phase2:

Without using biomarkers to stratify patients

With using biomarkers to stratify patients

1 Late-stage gastric cancer cohort, checkpoint inhibitor monotherapy, described in: Strand-Tibbits K., et al. Society for ImmunoTherapy in Cancer, 2020.
2 Parker JL, et al. Cancer Medicine, 2021.

Biomarker discovery challenges

Biological complexity

Diseases are complex and patients are unique


  • Determines which features to measure
  • Constructs a model that learns signal and excludes noise

Disparate data sets

Evidence comes from all corners


  • Weighs information content and consistency
  • Harmonizes data across assay platforms, disease types, experimental models and clinical cohorts

Independent validation

Ensuring robustness on new patient data


  • Confronts bias to enable cross-data comparisons
  • Evaluates performance on retrospective, prospective and proxy data

Biomarkers for every segment of the life science industry

Genialis ResponderID™ drives collaborations for:

Therapeutic selection:
Identify patients with higher chance to respond to treatment
  • Improve likelihood of achieving clinical endpoints and maximize clinical development program ROI 
  • Increase speed to successful trial conclusion (minimize late-stage failures) and reach commercialization/patient care faster
Indication expansion:
Prioritize additional therapeutic opportunities based on potentially responsive patient populations
  • Expand market potential for drug
  • Improve outcomes for more patients

Genialis ResponderID™ powers programs to:

Build prognostic or predictive testing
  • Expand product line to cover more therapeutic settings and reach more patients
  • Differentiate test offerings from other providers using machine learning
Create “flywheel” data products that compound in value
  • Leverage new and existing data to attract more pharmaceutical business and energize novel business models
  • Identify signatures that support translational research, clinical trials & companion diagnostic development

Genialis ResponderID™ inspires partnerships that allow you to:

Translate your data resources into meaningful outcomes
  • Forge collaboration between clinical and translational R&D within your organization
  • Impact patient lives through diagnostic and therapeutic product discovery
Advance your organization’s mandate through flexible
business models
  • Attract biotech partners for sponsored research and licensing opportunities
  • Publish high impact clinical research to disseminate knowledge and drive future grant funding
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Get the Genialis ResponderID™ White Paper

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