San Francisco, CA, April 29, 2018 — Genialis, Inc., the industry leader in RNA based discovery, today announced its latest product release includes single cell RNA-seq analysis (scRNA) pipelines within its informatics platform, Genialis Expressions™. The pipelines enable processing of single-cell RNA-seq reads, including various quality control steps. Rafael Rosengarten, Genialis CEO, said, “Single cell sequencing is rapidly becoming a go-to technology to study disease etiology and progression. Supporting these analyses enables our users to manage, process and interpret all their NGS data in one place. This all-in-one framework is key to performing integrative analysis across datasets.”

Pharmaceutical, translational, and clinical researchers around the globe rely on Genialis to organize and analyze their data in a secure and scalable environment. Ease of use, scientific rigor and FAIR standards of data hygiene are pillars of any data-driven discovery effort. Genialis developed the single cell module together with researchers at Baylor College of Medicine’s Therapeutic Innovation Center, with which Genialis collaborates on drug discovery initiatives across a range of diseases.

The implementation includes pipelines to process single cell expression experiments: workflows to align reads, measure gene expression and generate feature-barcode matrices. Processed results can be inspected for quality directly within Genialis, as well as easily migrated to external visualization and analytics tools.

“RNA-seq provides a snapshot of the average cellular state in a given sample,” said Luka Ausec, VP of Product. He continued, “Complex diseases like cancer, however, are generally comprised of a multitude of malignant cells with various aberrations. Single cell sequencing allows researchers to identify subpopulations of cells for targeted pharmacological interventions. Then there’s the question of cellular composition and what immune cells are present in the tumor environment.”

In addition to the quality control visualizations available within Expressions™, Genialis has partnered with Dr. Blaz Zupan’s group at BioLab (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) to enable seamless transition between Genialis for data management and processing, and scOrange for advanced analytics like unsupervised clustering and machine learning, and interactive visualizations. Email for more details.

About Genialis, Inc.
Genialis is a data science company based in San Ramon, California, Houston, Texas, and Ljubljana, Slovenia. Genialis’ team of biologists and data scientists is passionate about helping realize the promise of precision medicine. Recognizing that each patient’s biology is their own, Genialis champions an approach to developing model that consider diverse data in concert with focused experiments and trials.

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