The Xerna™ TME Panel is a pan-cancer RNA-based investigational assay developed to predict patient responses to angiogenic and immune-targeted therapies. Utilizing machine learning on RNA sequencing data, it classifies tumors into four subtypes: Angiogenic (A), Immune Active (IA), Immune Desert (ID), and Immune Suppressed (IS). Analysis of over 5,000 samples across seven tumor types showed prognostic and predictive capabilities, with high confidence in subtype assignment. The panel is currently used in clinical trials and shows promise for enhancing precision medicine by guiding therapeutic decisions based on TME characteristics.

Genialis recently incorporated the classifier algorithm into its ResponderID biomarker discovery platform.

Published at AACR 2022.

Seema Iyer1, Luka Ausec2, Daniel Pointing2, Matjaž Žganec2, Robert Cvitkovič2, Miha Štajdohar2, Valerie Chamberlain Santos1, Kerry Culm1, Mokenge Malafa3, Jeeyun Lee4, Rafael Rosengarten2, Laura Benjamin1, Mark Uhlik1

1 OncXerna Therapeutics, Inc., Waltham, MA, USA
2 Genialis, Inc., Boston, MA, USA
3 H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, Tampa, FL USA
4 Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, Rep. of Korea

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