Class of new hires bring diverse expertise across numerous functions critical to predicting patient response to cancer treatment options

BOSTON, UNITED STATES, September 07, 2023,

Genialis, the RNA-biomarker company, today announced the addition of several new team members as the company works to improve healthcare and deliver the best possible outcomes for patients, their families and communities. Among the new additions are Aditya Pai, head of business development, who spent over a decade at IBM scaling Watson for Genomics; and Mark Uhlik, who joins as the new head of biomarker development after serving as head of research and biomarker discovery at OncXerna, with previous roles at HiberCell and Eli Lilly.

Genialis adds clinical expertise with Josh Wheeler and Klemen Žibernaboth MD/PhDs, joining the scientific discovery team. Drs. Wheeler and Žiberna exemplify Genialis’ cross-functional mastery of biology and technology for new biomarker development. Kristian Urhwho recently completed a doctorate in genetics, also joins as a scientific program manager. Rounding out the technologists, Katarina Muršec joins the software team as a front-end developer to bring Genialis technologies to its end users.

On the operations side, Genialis has expanded its Boston office with Gint Rudis as senior operations director, taking on a broad portfolio of operational oversight, including legal, finance, and compliance. Ines Hikl brings decades of experience with Bureau Veritas as Genialis’ new head of compliance. Supporting business development, Prapti Koirala has leaped after a successful career in management consulting on pharma commercialization, while Sami Takriti brings years of experience helping lead business growth at Genomenon.

“Genialis is a People-First company, both in our work for patients and how we approach supporting each other as a team and building our internal community,” said Tjaša Krisper Kutin, chief operating officer at Genialis. “Post-Series A, our team remains our most valuable asset. We were extremely thoughtful about these new hires, ensuring we maintain our culture while adding tremendous expertise brought by these individuals. Our patience in recruitment paid off immensely, and we can’t wait to show off what our team achieves together.”

Genialis is developing next-generation patient classifiers using machine learning and high-throughput omics data to capture underlying disease biology and predict how patients will likely respond to targeted therapies. The company’s proprietary biomarker discovery framework, ResponderID™, is a machine learning platform for clinical and translational research, built from years of experience working with partners across the industry and advanced internal R&D. ResponderID yields new biomarkers for drug development and discovery programs, as well as diagnostic tests. ResponderID can read the status of virtually any NGS-based biomarker, including bespoke and proprietary signatures, from a single assay. The resulting output provides clinical and translational researchers with a comprehensive molecular portrait of patient disease phenotype, enabling the most informed decision-making possible. Genialis has used ResponderID in collaboration with biopharma to analyze clinical trial data and inform future designs for numerous investigational drugs. Genialis also supports the commercialization of next-gen biomarker assays with several leading diagnostic firms.

“This class of new hires brings diverse expertise across numerous functions critical to building biomarkers that predict patient response. These individuals are amazing experts in their respective domains and share our values of putting people first to transform medicine through data,” said Rafael Rosengarten, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Genialis. “With their help, we will make great strides to deliver on the promise of precision medicine and match the right patient to the right treatment at the right time, every time.”

Genialis will participate in the 13th World Clinical Biomarkers & CDx Summit this week, with Dr. Rosengarten moderating a panel discussion, “Utilizing PK/PD Analysis of Circulating Biomarkers to Identify Predictive Biomarkers of Response to Inform Translational Development Decisions.” For more information on Genialis and the company’s precision medicine solutions, please visit

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Genialis, the RNA biomarker company, is creating a world where healthcare delivers the best possible outcomes for patients, their families and communities. ResponderID™, Genialis’ machine-learning-driven disease modeling platform, delivers actionable biomarkers and optimally positions novel drugs to accelerate translational research, streamline drug development and ensure the best possible clinical care. Genialis is trusted by pharma and diagnostics partners, and together, we are transforming medicine through data. For more information, please visit

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