Partnership provides high-quality and clinically relevant data for modeling and validation
of novel biomarkers in UK patients

BOSTON, LONDON & MADRID– 23 October, 2023,

Genialis, the RNA-biomarker company, today announced a new data-sharing collaboration with Cancer Research Horizons (CRH), the innovation arm of Cancer Research UK. Under the terms of the collaboration, CRH will make anonymized and curated datasets with ‘omics and clinical metadata available to Genialis to validate Genialis ResponderID™ technology and machine learning-derived patient classifiers.

This program will support validating Genialis-developed algorithms on diverse patient populations to better predict responses to KRAS inhibitors, immunotherapies, and other emerging classes of therapeutics. Collaboration is key to expediting the development of clinically actionable biomarkers for better patient selection so that the right drug reaches the right patient at the right time. Drug development has a clinical failure rate as high as 97 percent, but success can be boosted up to 12x by including biomarkers in the clinical design. 

“Cancer Research UK’s research network is generating huge amounts of detailed, highly curated data that can be used to support the development of tools and products that can benefit patients. At CRH, we are looking to support our research community to maximise the impact of this data through establishing secure and transparent data partnerships, and we are thrilled to enable this collaboration with Genalis,” said Joe Day, Senior Business Development Executive (Data/AI), CRH. “With the provision of this detailed colorectal cancer data can help validate their novel algorithms to help patients in the UK and globally.” 

KRAS mutations are prevalent in the most common oncologic malignancies, including colorectal, lung, and pancreatic cancers, with frequencies ranging from 25 percent to nearly 90 percent. Genialis’ ResponderID KRAS is an RNA-sequencing-based classifier rooted in foundational aspects of the target’s biology. Previous biomarkers developed through the Genialis ResponderID framework have been validated to predict patient response to targeted therapeutics in myriad solid tumor types and for a wide variety of approved and investigational drugs with different targets and mechanisms of action.

“Drug discovery has never been more exciting, as we get better and better at hitting previously ‘undruggable’ targets. KRAS is one of the oldest known but also most stubborn oncogenes to attack. We now have the opportunity to ensure these new drugs make it to the right patients,”  said Rafael Rosengarten, Ph.D., CEO of Genialis. “Access to the data from various UK-based cohorts will provide additional diversity to Genialis’ model validation work, thus ensuring the broadest clinical utility of our biomarkers. We’re thrilled to add CRH as a trusted global partner.” 

Genialis is attending the ESMO Congress 2023 this week in Madrid. Next month, Genialis will also present new findings on its biomarker panels and discovery framework at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer’s (SITC) 38th Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs, happening Nov 1–5, 2023, in San Diego. For more information on ResponderID or to make an appointment with Genialis to learn more, please visit

About Genialis
Genialis, the RNA-biomarker company, is creating a world where healthcare delivers the best possible outcomes for patients, their families and communities. ResponderID™, Genialis’ machine-learning-driven disease modeling platform, delivers actionable biomarkers and optimally positions novel drugs to accelerate translational research, streamline drug development and ensure the best possible clinical care. Genialis is trusted by pharma and diagnostics partners, and together, we are transforming medicine through data.

About Cancer Research Horizons 

Cancer Research Horizons is the innovation engine of Cancer Research UK – which is among the world’s largest charitable funder of cancer research. We bring together world-leading minds, bold ideas and the right partners to bridge the gap between academic research and taking drugs to market. Our focus is on the tougher, more profound ideas that can lead to true innovation, translating them into effective treatments and diagnostics for cancer patients. 

To date, we’ve played an instrumental role in forming over 60 spin-out companies. We’ve helped bring 11 cancer drugs to market, borne out of Cancer Research UK’s pioneering research. Through these drugs, we have enabled in excess of 6 million courses of treatment for cancer patients across the world.

With access to Cancer Research UK’s network of 4,000 exceptional researchers, and £300+ million of annual research spend, we’re a powerful partner in the fight to conquer cancer. By uniting our commercial partnerships and therapeutic innovation capabilities, Cancer Research Horizons is uniquely placed to support translational funding, entrepreneurial development, licensing and collaboration, spinout creation, and offer a full spectrum of drug discovery and clinical capabilities.

Every penny we make goes back into funding the next bold steps, to help bring forward the day when all cancers are overcome.

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