This study investigates the prevalence of genomic alterations in Xerna tumor microenvironment (TME) subtypes in triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) patients, utilizing the Xerna TME Panel. The panel uses RNA sequencing data and machine learning to classify tumors into four subtypes: Immune Active (IA), Immune Suppressed (IS), Immune Desert (ID), and Angiogenic (A). Analysis of 203 TNBC samples revealed that 49.3% were classified as IA or IS, suggesting potential responsiveness to immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI). Additionally, 56.2% of tumors harbored actionable alterations, indicating potential for targeted therapies. Further study and clinical validation are warranted.

Published at SABCS 2023.

Gargi D. Basu1, Janine LoBello1, Snehal G. Thakkar1, Jessica Aldrich1, Matthew Halbert1, Patrick Eimerman1, Cynthia A. Flannery1, Nishitha Therala1, David W. Hall1, Daniel Pointing3, Lea Vohar3, Roman Lustrik3, Luka Ausecs3, Mark Uhlik2, Seema Iyer2, Laura Benjamin2, Frederick L. Baehner2

1 Exact Sciences
2 OncXerna Therapeutics
3 Genialis Inc.

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