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Advance your drug program from the lab to the clinic with Genialis’ data science platform. Genialis’ comprehensive digital disease models will help you uncover high confidence drug targets and biomarkers of tolerance, efficacy & outcome.

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Gene Expression Signatures and Predictive Modelling in Combination Immunotherapy

The case study describes our ongoing work to identify signatures of response to a novel IO drug in patients with advanced melanoma.
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Our Products:

Accurate predictions from the totality of available information to expedite & de-risk your drug pipeline

Genialis models the biology of your therapeutic domain by integrating your organization’s proprietary data with a wide range of public information, from sequencing archives to human curated ontologies.
  • Decipher mechanism of action from hidden relationships between genes, diseases, drugs, phenotypes and more.
  • Augment preclinical models to ensure tolerance and gauge efficacy
  • Stratify patient cohorts by molecular subtype or predicted response profile
  • Identify new uses for existing drugs to treat orphaned indications
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Industrial strength NGS analytics to drive discovery, validate hypotheses, and ask new questions of your data

The Genialis platform is AI-enabled software for NGS data management, processing & interpretation. The rich visual interface comprises a suite of applications for analysis of gene expression, epigenetic & disease variant data.
  • Analyze multi-omics NGS data for contextual, systems-level insights
  • Standardize analyses, regardless of source or sequencing method
  • Aggregate disparate data within a unified management framework
  • Initiate comprehensive meta-analyses and data mining projects
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Accelerate your drug discovery & development pipeline with Genialis

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