Biomarkers for every segment of the life science industry

Pharmaceutical development

Employ Genialis ResponderID™ to develop and deploy a biomarker for patient stratification

  • Support your clinical development with the insights from a comprehensive RNA biomarker
  • Improve the likelihood of achieving clinical endpoints and maximize clinical development program ROI
  • Increase speed to successful trial conclusion (minimize late-stage failures) for faster commercialization
  • Prioritize additional therapeutic opportunities based on potentially responsive patient populations

Utilize off-the-shelf Genialis biomarkers for retrospective analysis

  • Learn more about hallmark biologies driving cancer development in your existing samples
  • Add value to your translational and clinical decision making immediately, via streamlined contracting for immediate project initiation
  • Receive insights in a hurry with quick analysis turnaround time

Diagnostic test development

Develop new prognostic or predictive tests atop existing sequencing workflows

  • Expand product line to cover more therapeutic settings and reach more patients
  • Differentiate test offerings from other providers using machine learning

Compound the value of your data assets through new product offerings and data mining capabilities

  • Leverage new and existing data to attract more pharmaceutical business and energize novel business models
  • Identify signatures that support translational research, clinical trials & companion diagnostic (CDx) development

Clinical & academic data partnership

Translate your data resources into meaningful patient outcomes

  • Turn your biospecimen samples into sequencing data via a research program sponsored by Genialis, or via a joint grant application 
  • Develop your initial biomarker idea into a robust biomarker that will translate to patients and pass regulatory muster
  • Impact patient lives through diagnostic and therapeutic biomarker discovery for existing therapies 

Advance your organization’s mandate through flexible business models

  • Attract biotech partners for sponsored research and licensing opportunities
  • Publish high impact clinical research to disseminate knowledge and drive future grant funding

Let’s work together to transform medicine through data