This poster illustrates the potential of the Xerna™ TME Panel as a predictive and pharmacodynamic biomarker for the combination of vidutolimod and pembrolizumab in anti-PD-1 refractory melanoma patients. The Xerna TME Panel consists of an artificial neural net that utilizes the expression of ~100 genes involved in angiogenesis and tumor immune biologies to classify patient samples into one of four tumor microenvironment (TME) biomarker subtypes. Utilizing the Xerna TME Panel enables us to more effectively stratify the patients who are more inclined to derive benefits from the treatment, interpret the mechanism of drug response, and understand how the tumor microenvironment changes whilst on treatment.

Published at AACR 2023.

Mark Uhlik1, Daniel Pointing2, Luka Ausec2, Miha Štajdohar2, Robert Cvitkovič2, Matjaz Žganec2, Seema Iyer1, Hong Liu3, Art Krieg3, Rafael Rosengarten2, Laura Benjamin1

1 OncXerna Therapeutics, Inc., Waltham, MA
2 Genialis, Inc., Boston, MA
3 Checkmate Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge, MA (acquired by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Tarrytown, NY on May 31, 2022)

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