To build a great company, and a great business, requires a big vision to solve an important problem. At Genialis, we envision a world where healthcare delivers the best possible outcomes for patients, their families and communities.

We contribute to that world by developing predictive biomarkers to guide cancer therapies to the right patients. This is rewarding for its impact on people’s lives. But also from scientific, technological and entrepreneurial perspectives—advancing critical knowledge in translational oncology, innovating new applications of machine learning to decipher complex biological patterns, and connecting the dots between drug discovery and diagnostics.

Genialis is the RNA biomarker company. We are biologists, and technologists. We are clinicians, and we are patients. While focused on delivering new tools for precision oncology based on machine learning and gene expression data, we put people first, at the center of all we do. Our RNA biomarkers aim to predict patient response to the armament of therapeutic options, enabling better treatment choices and outcomes.

Our work has not gone unnoticed. Genialis has been named as a winner in Inc.’s 2023 Best in Business list in the AI and Data category, a prestigious award honoring the businesses that have made the greatest positive impact in their fields.

What is Inc.’s Best in Business list and why is it important?

Inc.’s Best in Business list is an annual celebration of companies that have created a remarkable difference in their fields and in society. The list, which can be found in the Winter issue of Inc. magazine (online December 5 and on newsstands December 12), honors companies that have made a positive impact on the world, whether it is in their community, their industry, the environment, or society as a whole.

As Eric Hagerman, Special Projects Editor at Inc., says, “Being named to the Best in Business list is a rare and special honor. These honorees demonstrate the foresight, caring, and dedication to prioritize positive impact—impact on their community, on their industry and the environment, and even on society as a whole.”

Rather than relying on quantitative criteria tied to sales or funding, Inc.‘s editors reviewed the companies’ achievements over the past year and noted how they made a positive difference in the world. They then selected honorees in 70 different categories – from advertising to sustainability to retail, and more – and in age-based, revenue-based, size-based, and impact-based categories. The applicant pool was extremely competitive – a huge success for the 215 honorees in the list’s fourth year.

RNA biomarkers: machine learning as a tool to improve patient lives

Genialis qualified for the list by demonstrating its innovation in the AI and data category, which is one of the most competitive and fast-growing sectors. Our biomarkers, which utilize AI and high-quality transcriptomics data,  rise to the challenge of addressing complexity  in cancer biology and the field of clinical oncology.

Genialis developed ResponderID™, an AI/ML-enabled framework for modeling disease biology to deliver predictive biomarkers ready for use in patients. ResponderID uses machine learning to analyze large-scale RNA sequencing data and identify the key biological features that determine the response to a given treatment. ResponderID™ can help in designing better clinical trials and making smarter treatment decisions, thus reducing failures, lowering costs, and mitigating risk to patients.

One of the most visible uses of our framework was the development of the Xerna TME Panel,  a pan-tumor, RNA expression-based classifier, designed to predict response to multiple tumor microenvironment (TME)-targeted therapies, which earned acceptance by the US Food and Drug Association (FDA) for use as an investigational device in an upcoming clinical trial. 

Making a difference beyond business

Inc.’s Best in Business Award reflects Genialis’ commitment to making a positive impact in the world, by solving some of the most pressing health challenges, and by supporting the education and growth of the data science community.

“‘I’m much more interested in building a great company than just building a big business. Build a great company first and a great business will follow.” Rafael Rosengarten, CEO of Genialis. 

Genialis actively participates in open-source projects, showcasing its dedication to providing accessible solutions in bioinformatics. Its latest endeavor, RNAnorm, is a Python toolkit for RNA sequencing data normalization, which is a crucial step for analyzing and comparing gene expression data. With its permissive license and adherence to coding best practices, RNAnorm also paves the way for intricate machine-learning applications. Genialis has made RNAnorm freely available to all, envisioning a future where shared knowledge brings hope and benefit to patients.

Furthermore, Genialis has taken significant steps to support the education and growth of the bioinformatics community by sponsoring student programming competitions organized by the Association for Computing Machinery Slovenia, as well as endorsing the 3rd International Summer School of Bioinformatics and the Biotechnology Day at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana. Through these efforts, Genialis actively contributes to narrowing the skills gap and fostering innovation, ultimately leading to breakthroughs in precision medicine and beyond.

What’s next?

Genialis is humbled to be named as one of the best in business in the AI and data category by Inc., an award that honors the most impactful companies in various categories. This recognition motivates us to continue to expand our reach and impact in the field of precision medicine. We are grateful to our team, partners, and customers, who have supported us and trusted us along the way.We invite you to join us in our mission to transform medicine through data. If you want to learn more about Genialis, get in touch and follow us on LinkedIn. Stay tuned for more updates!

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